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Thursday, February 3, 2011


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We don't know why, we're just happy! Let's make this a post to laugh or smile at ;)


I was having a drink at a local restaurant with my friend Justin when he spotted an attractive woman sitting at the bar. After an hour of gathering his courage, he approached her and asked, “Would you mind if I chatted with you for a while?”

She responded by yelling at the top of her lungs, “No, I won’t come over to your place tonight!” 

With everyone in the restaurant staring, Justin crept back to our table, puzzled and humiliated. A few minutes later, the woman walked over to us and apologized.

I’m sorry if I embarrassed you,” she said, “but I’m a graduate student in psychology and I’m studying human reaction to embarrassing situations.” 

At the top of his lungs Justin responded, “What do you mean, two hundred dollars?"  


Till then. Bye bye :)

If I Could Rule the World, I would... ~

Assalamualaikum & Holla people!

How is your day everyone? Good? Great. :)
Here we have some thoughts we would like to share with all of you.
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How cute,  the earth holding rose in hand? Spread some love maybe. Hehe. :)


Have you ever thought to have a chance to rule the world by your own law? 
In other words, to have the world to be just  like how you want it to be. 
I'm sure everyone would be very pleased isn't it?

Yeehaa! Ok back to the entry's title,
"If I Could Rule the World, I would... "

There's several action that we thought is significant to the world IF we could rule it..

Firstly, we would like to remove crimes so people can have a sense of security. For example, in Guangzhou the motorcycles were banned to avoid snatch theft. Beside that we will make all the punishment for the crimes with the most suitable cruel punishment so that no people would dare to do such crimes. Then the world will be the best place for people to live. We want them to enjoy the gift from the God which is the life. They deserve it. 

Secondly, we would like to create world peace. The world deserves to be in peace and it shall not be destroy by the war ultimately. Nowadays some people cannot see the others to be happy and they also want the happiness so they decided to create a war to fight and compete just because of the happiness. This is sound like unfair and unlogic. Well, this is world now. Long time ago if you see this happen, you will say that those people is just the same as an animal, they have to fight among them if they want to stay alive. Maybe you will not see this happen in the world if we rule the world.

Thirdly, we would like have a world with environmental friendly so that the nature will not be destroyed by irresponsibly hands. No plastic are allowed in certain day. Do you know that a plastic bag took about 700 years to decompose. Can you imagine if billion people use a plastic in a day, how much plastic that the earth have to accommodate day by day. Other than that, we will reduce the amount of car used on the road so that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will reduced too. This can be handled by carpooling. All the activities involve cutting trees have to be reduced or they have to replanting the trees. The world soon look more green and fresh atmospheric air like oxygen can be made. No more disease caused by the dirty air.   

Fourthly, we would like to heal  the people . We have seen many of our family members died from a  serious diseases because they either didn’t have the money to pay for medical services (bills) or because it was too late for the treatment. We would specially like to cure all those people who suffer from cancer or from some kind of heart or organ problems. We think that if we had that supper power everyone would be immortal, which is not a good thing. We would like to have the power to heal people with cancer, leukemia, or heart problems. Eventhough we think that our family would like MORE if we have the ability to remember things and be smarter. *giggling*

As conclusion our dear lovely readers, we hope that we could make this world much better, however we don't have such power. So we just have to let the world be how it is suppose to be as the god had planned it for us. :)

Here is some little notes for all of you, 

See ya in the next entry~!
Takecare peeps. :)

The rainbow.